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Mkvcage Proxy – Do you like to watch the latest movies and TV Series? Do you want to download the latest movies and TV Series for free. Then you must have heard of the website It is a very famous website for downloading the latest movies and TV Series for free.

Despite of being popular Mkvcage is not opening due to some restrictions. But there’s no need to worry you can still open it using the Mkvcage Proxy sites list. In this article, I will be sharing a list of the best Mkvcage proxies which you can use.

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Although downloading movies from Mkvcage and other such pirated websites is illegal. But still a lot of users use them to download moives and TV Series. I would like to tell our readers that downloading movies from Mkvcage is also illegal. Government Authorities can arrest you for visiting this website.

Best VPN – Download Movies and TV Series

Mkvcage is a pirated website which allows users to download the latest movies and TV Series for free. The site is completely free to use. It allows the users to download movies from various categories and genres.

Before moving forward lets have a look at the various qualities of movies that are available for download at Mkvcage

Mkvcage Movie Categories

Mkvcage is a movie and TV show piracy website. It is illegal in almost all countries around the globe but still, it has a huge amount of fans. That’s why the admin of Mkvcage keeps its fans happy by providing a great experience while downloading the latest movies and TV Series. Movies are categorized professionally to provide its users with a good experience. The movies and TV Shows on Mkvcage are divided into different categories such as Bollywood Movies, Hollywood Movies, Foreign Movies, TV-Shows, TV Series Seasons Packs, Drama, Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Crime, Thriller, Blu-Ray Movies and so on.

Mkvcage Movies List

There are many movie downloading sites available on the internet but Mkvcage is quite popular and greatly loved by its users. You can find a wide variety of movies and TV series on Mkvcage. The most popular categories on Mkvcage are Bollywood Movies, Foreign Movies, Hollywood Movies, IMDB Top 250 Movies and many more. I have also listed more categories in the list below.

Blu-Ray MoviesBr-Rip Movies
Web-Dl MovieWeb-Rip Movies
HDTS MoviesHD-Rip Movies
DVD-Scr MoviesDVD-Rip Movies
TV-ShowsSeason Pack
Source: Mkvcage Proxy Movies List

Mkvcage Movie and TV Series Sizes

After knowing about the different categories and genres of movies available at Mkvcage we shall take a look at the different sizes of movies available at Mkvcage.

Now let’s know more about the types and sizes of movies available for download at

1080p Movies720p Movies
480p Movies300 MB Movies
Source: Movies List

Best Alternatives of Mkvcage in 2020

In this section, we will talk about some of the best alternatives of Mkvcage. These alternatives come in handy when the Official Mkvcage website goes down. You can also use these in case you are facing issues browsing Mkvcage even after using a Mkvcage proxy from the Mkvcage Proxy List given in this post.

Illegal Alternatives of Mkvcage

Mkvcage is one the best websites available on the internet to download the latest movies and TV Shows for free. But since it has been facing a lot of legal issues it is sometimes not possible to access Mkvcage. There are a lot of alternatives available to Mkvcage in such a case. We have mentioned some of the best alternatives to Mkvcage in the list given below.

  • Tamilrockers
  • WorldFree4u
  • 123Movies
  • Yiffy
  • KatMovieHD
  • 9xMovies
  • Extra Movies
  • Movierulz
  • Khatrimazza

Legal Alternatives of Mkvcage

Since all these websites are illegal and it is not safe to visit these websites, we have also compiled a list of legal alternatives of Mkvcage. If you want to be tension free and do not want any legal trouble then you should check this list and have a look at the legal alternatives of Mkvcage.

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Amazon Prime
  • Zee5
  • Voot
  • Alt Balaji
  • Airtel Xtream
  • Jio Cinema
  • Hotstar
  • MX Player

List of Best Mkvcage Proxy Sites to Unblock Mkvcage

The original of Mkvcage is blocked by the Government of India. But the admin of Mkvcage has kept the website online by changing different domains. In the list given below I will be sharing the Top 10 best Mkvcage unblocked proxy sites list. You can use this list of Mkvcage proxies to download the latest movies and TV Series from Mkvcage.

Many users will directly browse Mkvcage from here. This can get you in trouble. Hence I advice you not to download movies from Mkvcage.

Best VPN

You can use the Mkvcage proxies from the Mkvcage Proxy Sites List given in this post to still access the Mkvcage website.

Mkvcage Proxies ListStatus
Source : Proxy Sites

How to Download Movies From Mkvcage

The process of downloading movies form Mkvcage is quite simple. We have listed the steps to download a Movie/TV Series from Mkvcage below.

Best VPN
  1. First, I would like you to connect your VPN and use it to browser Mkvcage because it is more secured and protected as compared to a Mkvcage proxy.
  2. The second step is only for people who cannot use a VPN. If you cannot use a VPN then you use a Mkvcage proxy to download the latest movies. For that, you will first need to find a working proxy of Mkvcage. You can use the Mkvcage proxy list given in this article for this purpose.
  3. You need to use the Mkvcage Proxy and browse to the URL
  4. Search the Movie/TV Series in the search box given on the Mkvcage site.
  5. Once you find the post of the Movie/TV Series that you want to download, click on the Download Links button.

5. On the new tab which is opened enter the password “mkvcage” to unlock the links.

6. Now you can click any of the download link to visit the host website.

7. Click on the Download button on the host website to Download your Movie/TV Series.

If You have any kind of doubts on how you can download the latest movies from Mkvcage then you can also watch the video that we have linked below.

How To: Mkvcage Unblock – Top 3 Ways

Mkvcage is currently blocked in India. Due to the illegal content which it offers the government has censored the website. But you can easily unblock Mkvcage using these three methods.

1. VPN

VPN or Virtual Private Network allows you to securely connect to a server over the internet. After connecting to a VPN Server your IP Address changes and you can unblock any restricted website.

Best VPN

You can use any of the VPN to access Mkvcage but I recommend using a paid and privacy centered VPN such as Pure VPN as they provide better security and performance. Using a VPN to access Mkvcage is more secured as compared to using a Mkvcage proxy.

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How to Use VPN

  1. Download and install the VPN of your choice
  2. Enable the VPN Kill Switch of your VPN if it has one
  3. Connect to a VPN Server which is located in a P2P Country
  4. Once the VPN is connected you can now browse Mkvcage and download the latest movies and TV Series.

2. Mirror Site

A mirror site is an identical website of the original website. It is almost like a Mkvcage proxy site. This mirror site provides the same content but has a different URL. Most of the Movie Downloading Websites and Torrent Sites use Mirror sites to allow users to access their content in case their original site gets blocked. You can use the Mirror of Mkvcage to unblock it.

3. Proxy

A proxy server is a server which is located in a different country which can be used to route your traffic through the server and that country. The proxy works almost the same as the VPN but the VPN is more secure as compared to a proxy. You can used the Mkvcage proxies from the Mkvcage Proxy List given in this article to unblock Mkvcage if it is blocked in your country.

FAQ’s Related to Mkvcage

Users who use Mkvcage to download the latest movies and TV Shows might have some questions arising in their minds after using the website. To help you guys out I have created a list of some the most frequently asked questions FAQ’s about Mkvcage. If you do not find the answer to your questions in this section also then you can surely leave them in the comments. I will try to answer them ASAP.

Even after being illegal, How is Mkvcage still alive?

Mkvcage distributes pirated movies and TV Shows on its website which clearly is an illegal thing to do. But still, Mkvcage is working and uploading the latest movies and TV Shows for free.

The question in your mind is obvious that how is the Mkvcage team is keeping the website alive. The answer to this question is by using Mkvcage proxy, mirror sites, and multiple domains. You might have noticed that the domain for Mkvcage changes very often. The Mkvcage team shifts the website to a new domain when it’s previous domain is blocked by the government. In this way, they keep the website alive.

How does Mkvcage work?

Mkvcage is a very popular website for downloading movies and TV Shows for free. There is a huge fan base of Mkvcage for uploading the latest movies and TV Series. The team managing Mkvcage has been doing it since a couple of years now, that’s why there are so many visitors on their website every day.

The question that immediately comes into your mind is why are they doing it. The answer is for the money. Yes, you read it right “MONEY”. Actually they’re a lot of ads that are shown on Mkvcage and whenever a user visits the website these ads generate a small amount of revenue. Since Mkvcage is really popular and gets a lot of traffic, the owner gets a profit when these users view and click on the ads on the website.

How to Access Mkvcage with VPN?

Although I recommend you use PureVPN which is currently on 74% Discount to access Mkvcage some users might have this question. This answer is using a Mkvcage proxy which is listed above in the Mkvcage proxies list section. But if you want to be completely tension-free then I would suggest you purchase PureVPN using this link and use it because it the safest way to access Mkvcage.

Why it is illegal to Download Pirated Movies from MKVCAGE

Distribution of copyrighted content or content which is protected content without proper permission and rights comes under the act of copyright infringement. Therefore uploading movies, TV Shows, or any kind of copyrighted material from Mkvcage is a criminal offense. It can even land you in jail. Any individual or organization doing it can face severe consequences such as:

  1. Imprisonment for 3 Years.
  2. Fine Upto 10 Lakh Rupees
  3. Imprisonment for 3 Years and Fine Upto 10 Lakh Rupees both

Some years ago there were no strict rules and regulations present in this area but nowadays the government is very strict. If any persons is involved in this kind of activity then the government authorities will make sure that he/she get the deserved punishment.

The production houses, actors, directors put in a lot of effort to produce these movies and TV Shows. But websites like Mkvcage ruin all their efforts by pirating these movies and TV Shows. Just to earn some money it is really very unethical to steal and use another person’s content. That’s why I suggest you not to use such illegal websites like Mkvcage.

I would recommend you to go and cinema halls and theaters and enjoy the original content. If you don’t want to go to the cinema halls then you can enjoy the original content through various paid streaming services such as NETFLIX, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, Zee5, etc. In this way, you can show your support to the real content producers and help them to keep producing such awesome content.

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I hope you enjoyed reading our post on Mkvcage Proxy – Download Movies and TV Series. Let me know in the comments down below if any of the Mkvcage proxy isn’t working. I will try to add a new one ASAP. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and relatives. Keep visiting TheTechPro ❤️


This information is for education purposes only. We do not promote any kind of piracy and illegal stuff.

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