Top 5 Productivity Apps for Android

Hello everyone and welcome back today we will be taking a look at some Android-specific productivity applications You’re probably a bit shocked because I actually own an Android phone We will be checking them out today and I wanted to round up a few of the best smaller applications out there That I’ve recently discovered on the Google Play Store So guys before we dive in a little word from our sponsor for February 2020 is so ho sweet now so whoo sweet is a range of products covering sales to help desks to email and Much more they wanted us to focus in on one of their products, which is Zoho projects now.

So who projects is a way for your team to manage projects and work in and out of the office? They have features like task management time tracking charts reports including Gantt chart abilities plenty of issue tracking features for bugs and also Zoho analytics integrations – with success stories from Construction industries to software development. It’s a popular place to bring all of your projects into one place So thanks to Zoho suite for sponsoring this month on key productive So the first on our list is an application called grow habit tracking and there are so many Android hammer trackers out there including the likes of her bitter Phi and loop but grow habit tracking is a very Simplified version of these tools now most major tools allow advanced tracking and progress mapping Whereas grow doesn’t do that, it allows you to set a habit with for example a lot of different.

You know attributes if you wanted to add say a specific data star also how long you want the habit too? Progress on for and also setting a reminder and the great thing is once you’ve set all of that for example meditate every day You can see your progress by tapping into the card on the page, but it’s very subtle. You can see your mini tree grow And I quite like the details that you can see behind the card It’s not too much but holds enough information for you to keep progressing with your habit. This application holds a 4.0 on the App Store and it is free at the moment, which is a good opportunity So for those who are looking for a very simple Hamet tracker This is quite a nice and visually appealing way to start tracking your habits so the next application up is an application called focus productivity timer, and there’s plenty of Android timers out there and this one again is a very super basic one But allows you to create timers for specific activities using the Pomodoro method You can also track tasks and sync them.

With your timers inside of mini cards and what it quite like about this is it has the ability to add music over the top Some music you do have to pay for however the majority of the basic white noise and wilderness sort of noises in the background Worked very well and are free to use this one free and I’d recommend it for people looking for a very basic timer experience Next up is an application that I was pretty impressed with this is the post-it notes application for Android and although being a fairly big company that 3m is it actually provides a pretty neat? It’s a simple to experience where you can take these digital notes, for example, anything that you write on post-it notes and be able to upload them but the cool thing is you can actually organize them into like Collaborative boards so that you can actually, you know to coordinate a specific group of information.

For example, you could have a shopping list and different errands you do on your day Or you could use it for brainstorming and other such activities But I was pretty impressed By the way that they laid out this application and how easy it is to use and if you really used post-it notes What’s cool is you can actually scan them in? magically, and they get brought into the application but being able to add the post-it note in a digital format reminded me a lot of Google keep but had a little bit of a sort of edge to Google heap in allowing you to make these boards and collaborate and organize them in a more Fine-tuned fashion.

This is a free app and included below So the fourth application on our list was your hour and as you can imagine phone addiction is a big problem these days many people suffer from it and I’ve liked the iOS application where you can actually see the screen time summary and you can have that on Mac now while some Android phones do this if They’re running the latest version of Google some don’t and your hour is a good way to do that so basically you give it access to the applications that you have running on your phone and it basically Tracks like a timeline of your day, but it also sets you limits and for example, I set a three-hour limit and it will give you sort of a rundown on how you’re using that time You can also set challenges, which is quite cool So if you want to take yourself off of one hour of the phone won’t let you use that phone You only let user dial abilities, which is pretty cool.

So that’s one of the many benefits of using this application The goal behind it is to help you reduce your phone use But do remember when you’re signing up and naturally getting started with it is taking access to some of the other applications That you’re using so just remember that in terms of a privacy aspect They have over a million downloads, but it’s worth checking out their private details. So just make sure that and Finally, our final recommendation for Android is standard doubts Now many of you may know span denotes if you follow this channel. It’s a minimal notetaking application with powerful open source abilities it’s got a real focus on privacy and it allows you to take notes with custom themes and Developer like settings to really enhance your notes now if you’re using it on the free plan, it is really basic editing or note-taking experience It’s sort of like simple notes in terms of like just getting started.

But if you are a premium user it gives you access to the other applications. They’ve got a range of iOS Android Mac and Windows applications And also they have a Linux one if you need it to but it’s a great note-taking experience And works really well across all devices, but they have loads of different themes inside of premium. So unglued standard notes below, but I think you’ll really enjoy that one, too So folks that were a roundup of Android applications. I am looking to do more Android reviews in the future So do stay tuned and I definitely will improve the quality of the content as well So a big thank you for stopping by if you enjoyed some of the recommendations you can check them out below.

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